Quest for Gluten-Free Breads


Until I figure it out how tiled-picture link works properly, please go to the following links for the recipes and methods:

Gluten-Free Millet and Amaranth Crusted Artisan Bread,

Gluten-Free Hearty Seeded Bread (updated), and

Gluten-Free Blueberry Bread (yummy!)

This is a short post to summarise the gluten-free bread baking spree we went wild last weekend that spanned way into Passover: a total of 4-day baking resulted in 4 beautiful loaves of 3 different types of bread.  Yes, I said bread, gluten-free bread, to be exact and it’s important for those who could not or no longer be able to consume wheat-based baked goods/bread.

It’s too bad we could not offer these at the Passover Seder’s diner where only unleavened bread are eaten.

I was new and after baking 4 loaves I am still new but have learned a lot in this Terra incognita of bread baking.  I had a blast and gained a little bit confidence as such I know I can handle gluten-free bread.  However,  I do not understand the science behind all the ingredients that participated in the breads nor the leavening that we used.

I am just beginning to discover and already yearning for more.  Please chime in to share your experiences in gluten-free breads that you have made in your own kitchen.  I would like to learn more about it, trials and errors and success from you.  Thank you.

I am pleased to send this over to share with the folks at Yeast Spotting.  After all, that was where I first learned about gluten-free bread.   Happy baking gluten-free bread.  ;o)


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