5 Responses to “Kossar’s Bialys”

  1. I haven’t made these, but these intrigue me because Maggie Glezer says that the original Kozar’s recipe calls for the dough to be intentionally overmixed so the gluten breaks down. It looks like you did a perfect job with shaping; they look wonderful!

  2. Mimi Says:

    I’ve been craving bialys for a few weeks since I saw them on the Dan Lepard site. Great job, yours look delicious even with the pink hue!

  3. AnneMarie Says:

    I made these a little while ago and we really enjoyed them. Yours look so delicious.

  4. drfugawe Says:

    I grew up in the shadow of Manhattan -bialy capital of America- and loved bialys before bagels were discovered everywhere else. I fell in love with the garnish made of onion, poppy seed, sugar and salt – have you ever had that? It is surprisingly an example of the whole being greater than its parts – a quite different taste. If you do try it, know that the Jewish bakers of NYC don’t go light on the sugar and salt!

    Susan’s (Wild Yeast) adaption of Silverton’s sourdough bagels is as good as anything I have ever tasted – it is our regular bagel these days!

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