This website is a collection of recipes that I’ve enjoyed making.  The recipes come from different sources and often than not I adapted to my taste. Every recipe comes with details of how I do it, what to do next time, tricks and tips, and accompanied with photos.  It’s a way for me to share recipes that are requested by friends, family and perhaps you who happens to stumble upon this (yet another food blog) and hopefully find something you like.  As for me, it helps me remember what I did,  organise my recipe database so I can plan for dinner parties and easily find my favorite recipes.

I have gained so much from the Internet and this is in a very small way I hope to give back to the Web; I am happy you found something here that is helpful to you.   Leave a comment if you like and by all mean feel free to contact me via email.

All photos are courtesy of my Cannon G2, camera of my late Droid Incredible and most recently samsung SGH-I997 mobile.

About me

My name is Mily.  I like to eat, drink, bake, cook, and love to share.

I am a bread lover.  I discovered bread baking  innocently by baking the first NY Times No-Knead Bread, around the middle of November 2006.   I was merely curious but quickly smitten by the process and its outcome.  A few more baking of the said loaf, I was encouraged to try making other breads.  Soon enough I’ve  fallen in love with the artistry, the science and the never-ending mystery of bread creation.  With each loaf made, I strive to learn more and to become a better bread baker.

I love sweets as  the last course, and linger over it at every meal.   But sometimes I don’t mind it at all if it happened to be the first meal that begins the day.   I only started to  learn how to tinker with egg, butter, sugar, and flour at the end of 2005; I have enjoyed it so far and been tinkering even more.

I love foods, whether home cooking or eating out, I am always on the lookout for new tastes.  I learn to make simple food with simple ingredients.  I’m also discovering the benefits of tradition foods so am trying my best to include traditional way of preparation or simply use traditional ingredients.


2 Responses to “about me”

  1. James Connors Says:

    You were at Country GourmeT Friday Night and talked with Julia the owner?
    Love to get your feedback.


  2. sophia Says:

    Hi Mily:-)

    We met last Wednesday. You were so kind and generous with giving me the beautiul illustrated book. I could not reach you via phone on Thurs. morning to meet. Can not locate an e-mail for you on this site. Will try to reach you again by phone.


    I love this blog.

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